ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Android Free Download

ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Android Free Download

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ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile for Android is eventually available on Google Play Store. Players who are using Android devices can download ARK Mobile Android game for free then jump into the wild world to begin their adventure. Besides that, you can even download ARK Mobile APK then install it on your devices easily too. Don’t forget to check out the latest ARK Mobile Android Update 2.0.07 for brand new features, more improvements, and a better game experience!

ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Android Free Download

About ARK Survival Evolved Free Download Android

Get ready to jump into the ultimate dino-adventure with ARK Mobile Android! There is a huge world packed with more than 80 exclusive dinosaurs and primal creatures waiting for you ahead. You will experience plenty of wild hunts, capture a wide range of creatures, tame them all, come across new friends, build up lots of tribes and team up with your tribe members to establish more colonies of survivors in this Jurassic-era world.

Similar to ARK: Survival Evolved PC and Consoles, ARK Mobile Android also pits you against many dangerous elements around you as well as teaches you how to develop yourself on a mysterious island. You will start out alone yourself and get nothing in your hands. Then, you make your way through lands trying to collect resources, craft advanced items to create safe shelter and hunt for yourself. You also go capture some dinosaurs then domesticate them into your pets. You can even team up with other new friends online, create strong structures to protect yourself from deadly predators that are lurking somewhere around on the island.

Download ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Android

Main features of ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Download Android

More than 80 dinosaurs to tame

The gist of ARK: Survival Evolved Android game is that it features a wide range of dinosaurs for players to hunt and domesticate. You have to utilize your cunning tactics and good strategies in order to tame the dinosaurs, train them, ride them and even breed them to create more creatures. You will always come across many primeval creatures or even catch sight of them roaming the persistent ecosystems across the in-game terrains, like the sea, air, land, and even underground.

Discover like you have never done before

Discovering is an interesting activity in ARK Mobile Android free download. You will freely make your way through a massive living and breathing prehistoric lands when you attempt to find a lot of ways to thrive, survive, and get away from dangers around you.

Crafting items and building shelters

For your survival, it is very necessary and important to craft advanced items, weapons, and other equipment. In addition, you must also build up plenty of shelters, villages or even big cities. These places will help you avoid dangers, and you can easily develop more colonies of survivors.

Be a lone survivor of work together with other friends

It’s up to you to play as a solitary survivor or team up with other friends. You can group up with them, or prey on hundreds of other players in a very massive world like this, or decide to fight alone yourself in the single-player mode.

Take part in a tribe

Tribe is such a crucial element in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Android. With the Tribe system featured in the ARK Mobile version, the cooperation between players will be much more encouraged. The dynamic parties will be strongly supported to share resources, XP, and re-spawn points easily.

Get your Primal Pass

Primal Pass is also included in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Download Android. Now, you can subscribe to get the Primal Pass monthly or yearly. With this subscription, all advertisements will be eliminated, you will get a 2x XP boost and also, you will be allowed to join both preferred servers and preferred slots on free servers. People who subscribe to Primal Pass will get an insignia right next to their name to show their status as Primal Pass holders. Also, many updates and special news will be directly sent to the Primal Pass holders occasionally.


You will be asked to log in to your Google account before this Prima Pass purchase. The payment will be charged to Google Account when you confirm the purchase. The subscription will renew automatically unless you turn off the auto-renew at least 24 hours before the conclusion of the current period. If you want to renew the account, it will be charged within 24-hours before the conclusion of the current time. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off the auto-renewal by entering your Account Settings after the purchase. You are probably not allowed to cancel the current subscription throughout the active subscription period.

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