ARK: Survival Evolved for APK | Updated Mobile 1.1.21

ARK: Survival Evolved for APK | Updated Mobile 1.1.21

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ARK Survival Evolved Updated 1.1.21

ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile is now free to download with an APK File. This is probably a great chance for those who don’t want to purchase ARK on Steam, instead, they can enjoy it on their mobile devices powered by Android. If you want to immerse yourself in the dinosaur world, quickly come and get it now!

About ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile game

Get ready to conquer the dinosaur adventure with ARK: Survival Evolved game on your mobile phone. A huge world is opening up in front of you with numerous ancient dinosaurs for you to domesticate. You will have to team up with other friends from across the world, build your own tribe, work with each other to develop your colonies of survivors.

There are plenty of challenges brought to you by ARK game! You have to learn a lot of stuff to get through this mysterious island filled with dangerous creatures. You will begin with nothing in your hands, then go collect resources, or even craft useful tools. This is going to be a nice chance for you to make new friends online!

In-game features

  • More than 80 dinosaurs to tame! You will have to domesticate them, train them well, ride them carefully and even breed them to create more creatures for yourself.
  • Make your way through breathtaking landscape to explore numerous areas with different challenges to conquer.
  • Craft as many handy items as possible and build shelters, villagers as well as big cities.
  • Play as a solitary survivor or team up with other friends.
  • Partake in a tribe where you can share your resources, XP, and re-spawn points.

Download ARK: Survival Evolved APK for free

No need to buy the game on Steam! Now, you can easily get it with an APK file that is free to download. Playing ARK: Survival Evolved with an APKPure app is very advantageous because you can always upgrade the game, install XAPK for free, and save your Internet data.

Download ARK: Survival Evolved 1.1.21 Update

ARK: Survival Evolved 1.1.21 Update

Below here are new contents added to ARK Mobile via 1.1.21 Update:

  • Sarco TLC: Brand new attacks, upgraded visuals, and enhanced AI
  • New ARKetype! Race Flags: You can position the flags down then establish races with checkpoints.
  • Dododex Integration: Choose the button when you aim at a creature to check stats within Dododex.
  • Now, storage container access can be limited by tribe rank.
  • Already added metal battlements engrams to ARK Mobile.
  • Raw meats can now come with doubled stack size.
  • Attached Minor(3x)and Major(15x)Soothing Balms to store
  • Alliance members seem to be blue in NavKit
  • You can disable Ascendant Creature XP easily now.

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