ARK: Survival Evolved for Android | Updated Mobile 1.1.21

ARK: Survival Evolved for Android | Updated Mobile 1.1.21

The Android users can now enjoy ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile on their devices! This hit game from Studio Wildcard promises to keep you engaged for hours when it drops you into a world filled with prehistoric creatures. You can easily download ARK Mobile for Android without spending a dime on it. Although ARK: Survival Evolved Android contains ads and offers in-app purchases, it’s still worth your trying.

About ARK: Survival Evolved for Android

About ARK: Survival Evolved for Android

Just like the PC and Consoles versions, ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile for Android also drops you into a prehistoric world where you will come across numerous dinosaurs and enemies coming from around the world. You will have a chance to explore plenty of places and when you embark on adventures, feel free to have your surviving skills tested through epic challenges.

ARK Mobile game also gives you chances to make new friends online. You will work with each other to build a tribe full of colonies of survivors, craft many advanced items, build bases and venture out into wild environments to hunt for dinosaurs or enemies. The whole world is yours! You have to show that you are a true lord in ARK world!

In-game features

  • There are over 80 dinosaurs for you to domesticate. Venture out into the wild hunting for dinosaurs, tame them all, raise and train them well and even breed them.
  • You can join the solo mode or multiplayer mode, depending on your playing style.
  • There are lots of beautiful places with amazing and stunning graphics to explore.
  • Collect resources, build shelters, create safe bases and craft useful items.
  • Join a tribe to share your XP, resources and re-spawn points.

Download ARK: Survival Evolved Android for free

Feel free to download ARK: Survival Evolved Android for free and install it on your mobile device now! The mobile version also contains an optional Primal Pass subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. Since ARK still contains some ads, you can remove all of them using this subscription, and plus, it will give you a 2x XP boost, together with access to both favorite servers and favorite slots on free servers.

Download ARK: Survival Evolved for Android

ARK: Survival Evolved 1.1.21 Update for Android version

With 1.1.21 Update, you can explore new awesome features in ARK Mobile:

  • Sarco TLC: New attacks with improved visuals and upgraded AI
  • New ARKetype! Race Flags: The flags can be placed down easily now, and feel free to create races with checkpoints.
  • Dododex Integration: Select the button when aiming at a creature to check stats within Dododex.
  • The tribe rank will restrict storage container access from now.
  • You can check out metal battlements engrams in ARK Mobile.
  • The stack size of raw meats is now doubled.
  • The store in ARK Mobile now contains Minor(3x)and Major(15x)Soothing Balms
  • Seemingly, alliance members are blue in NavKit.
  • Feel free to disable Ascendant Creature XP.

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