ARK Mobile Updates A New Schedule For Server Transfer Maintenance And Fixes Some Exploited Tames In November

ARK Mobile Updates A New Schedule For Server Transfer Maintenance And Fixes Some Exploited Tames In November

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Here comes a big announcement on ARK Mobile server transfer maintenance and exploited tames fixes in November! Make sure you bear in mind that the maintenance on the Server Transfer Ticket system will be carried out on Thursday, November 14th. This means that you have to download all the uploaded Server Transfer Tickets by 10:00 am EST on Thursday, November 14th. If you cannot make it in time, all the tickets left will be wiped out of ARK Mobile game permanently. Let’s have a look at a detailed schedule for the Server Transfer Ticket below now!

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ARK Mobile Updates A New Schedule

Server Transfer Ticket detailed schedule and stat value adjustment for tamed creatures in ARK Mobile

The ability to upload Server Transfer Tickets will be put out of action and the Ticket from the store will be eliminated on Tuesday, November 12th at 12:00 PM EST. You are still able to download the formerly uploaded Tickets between Tuesday and Thursday. The ability to upload and buy Server Transfer Tickets will be back at 5:00 PM EST on Thursday, November 14th.

  • The deadline for the Server Transfer Ticket Upload: Tuesday, 11/12 at 12:00pm EST
  • The deadline for the Server Transfer Ticket Download: Thursday, 11/14 at 10:00 am EST.
  • Server Transfer Ticket Maintenance comes to its conclusion: Thursday, 11/14 at 5:00 pm EST.

In addition to that, the problem of exploited tames on Official PvP and PvX Servers will be fixed on Thursday, November 14th as soon as the start of Transfer Maintenance. For Official PvP and Official PvX Servers only, the stat values of any domesticated creatures, chronicled implants, implants, or even fertilized eggs will be modified, containing more than the wild stat levels as shown below:

  • Easy Servers: 60
  • Medium Servers: 90
  • Hard Servers: 120
  • Brutal Servers: 150

Any domestication that possesses more than these wild stat levels applied will witness their surplus stat values that are randomly used for other stats on the game. For instance, if a Quetzal on an East server applies 90 wild stat levels to HP, the extra 30 levels will be reused for Oxygen, Weight, etc. randomly.

The development team of ARK Mobile game is concentrating on wild stat levels since this is the root of the former exploits – players are likely to find new methods to earn more wild stats levels than before.

For most of the players on these servers, they will not see any difference. But for some players that already have tames originating from an exploited line, they probably know these remodified stats when logging back in the game after the process is done.

The developers have a feeling that this solution is a good one to rebalance the competitive servers and it also thinks highly of the time and consumables that the survivors have applied to breed these tames.

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