ARK Mobile October Update: Upgraded Ancestry Menu, Added Dungeon Items, And More

ARK Mobile October Update: Upgraded Ancestry Menu, Added Dungeon Items, And More

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ARK Mobile new October update has been out! Are you excited about checking out a wide array of new features, events, and brand new Official Servers? ARK Mobile gameplay is now better upgraded and promises to bring better experiences to all players. Let’s dive into this latest ARK Mobile update and see what’s new in it!

ARK Mobile October Update: Upgraded Ancestry Menu, Added Dungeon Items, And More

New features and contents in ARK Mobile October Update

Ancestry menu

Now, you can totally open the Ancestry Menu from a stats page of a domesticated creature. In this menu, you will see the patrilineal and matrilineal lines of your domestications, together with some mutations. It is now easier for you to observe your tame lines and you can concentrate on your breeding efforts much better thanks to this menu.

You need to bear in mind that as an outcome of carrying out this new feature, you will not see the formerly-restored ancestry data for tames on this menu. Nevertheless, this information will be kept during the resurrection moving forward.


Are you excited about T.O.A.S.T. which has just been introduced in this update? The developers made a promise in the community poll that they would add T.O.A.S.T. to the game. You can discover the designs for this mysterious new item in the TEK Kibble Processor.

Added new dungeon items

A few items have been added to the store in ARK Mobile! These items will bring you good TEK items experience without limiting the time or without running through Dungeons to get them. You can use Ancient Amber to buy these items as soon as you get to Level 40.

  • Element Bundle – You can buy a pack of 100x Element for Ancient Amber. Bear in mind that the Element sold in the store is not the same as Eery Element, and you cannot utilize it for generating TEK Rifles, TEK Grenades, or even ammo in a TEK Rifle.
  • Facility Key Bundle – A pack of 5x Facility Keys for the people who just simply want to reach the Boss quicker
  • TEK Blueprint Bundle – You will get one each of the following TEK Blueprints from this pack: Replicator, Trough, Light, Foundation, Window, Windowframe, Trapdoor, Hatchframe, Door, Doorframe, Wall, Ceiling, Railing, Fence Foundation, Sloped Wall Left, Sloped Wall Right, Sloped Roof, Staircase, Ladder, Ramp and Pillar.
  • TEK Saddle Bundle – You can get one each of the following Primitive quality TEK Saddles from this pack: Megalodon, Mosasaur, Tapejara, and Rex.

*You will continue getting access to all TEK Blueprints in Dungeon on a rotating schedule.

Brand new skins and decorations

To adapt the new season, you are now able to find more than a dozen brand new skins and decorations in the store of the game. You will get access to the complete Manticore armor set together with other items like the Witch Hat, Batgoyle Statue, Garden Tree engram, and Wall Sconce.

PvP dungeons (unofficial)

At the moment, this trial new feature is only available on Unofficial Servers. If you own an Unofficial Server, you can get into your server settings page to turn on PvP Dungeons when the game mode is adjusted to be PvP or PvX. When you enable PvP Dungeon, all Eery Element rewards will be duplicated.

Underwater tame requesting (for single player only)

This feature is currently exclusive to Single Player, and you are totally permitted to ask for your Underwater Tames when your Survivor is also under the water.

Extra upgrades and bug fixes

  • A warning will be popped up before you use Ancient Amber to resurrect a tame that will return wild.
  • Tribe Log now has more details to reveal who ruined structures.
  • Made a fix to the text colors that seem to be wrong in Tribe Log.
  • Made a fix to Torpor data that didn’t update appropriately when seen through Spyglass in Multiplayer.
  • Made a fix to different weapon positions on Weapon Mounts.
  • Made a fix to different exploits.

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