ARK Mobile 2.0 Brings Dungeons, TEK Items, Eerie Creatures, Tame Chronicling, And More

ARK Mobile 2.0 Brings Dungeons, TEK Items, Eerie Creatures, Tame Chronicling, And More

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ARK Mobile 2.0 was already out in June, opening up a wide array of new content updates, such as Dungeons, Tek items, new creatures, the Chronicling system for the tames and so forth. This is considered as the biggest update making ARK Mobile game much better. If you are conquering ARK adventures on your mobile device, you must check out the update now!

What’s new in ARK Mobile 2.0?


Dungeons can be considered as the toughest activity that the developers have ever implemented and added to the game. Once you have reached Level 40, you can get access to the dungeons from any Obelisk or REDACTED. As soon as you go inside the dungeons, you can gather as much loot as you can and go search for the Boss Teleporter before running out of time. These activities are optional, so you can do it if you want. There will be plenty of impediments getting in your way. If you beat the Boss, you can draw out their non-consumable loot for the later use when you’re back on the Island.

All players are able to enter the ARK Mobile Dungeons each day free for once and if you are a Primal Pass holder, you can earn a bonus free daily entry. An increasing amount of Amber will be used for the subsequent daily entries. If you log into the game each Tuesday, you will witness a brand new Dungeon released, and the Dungeon of the former week will come back to the archives. In Single Player, you can choose certain Dungeons from the former weeks, even though the cost for the entry will be grown when the Dungeon does not appear anymore.


ARK Mobile TEK Items are finally added to the game via this update. The way that TEK items work is somewhat different from what players may learn from PC & Console, also, it can be achieved only through blueprints that you find in Dungeons. You will find at least one chest in each Dungeon with a TEK drop for sure. Each week, a variety of TEK blueprints available will be limited. You can check them out within the Dungeon Access Key. If you skip a TEK blueprint, you must wait for another Dungeon that stores a TEK blueprint.

ARK Mobile TEK Items

Eery Element will support all TEK, and to get Eery Element, you must beat all bosses in the ARK Mobile Dungeons. You can get an endless amount of Eery Element in a week from boss battles.

Tame Chronicling

If you are looking for a way to keep your tames for later use, then Tame Chronicling will be a good choice for you. It will help you store the tames easily and earn back some of those favorite tame slots.

Tame Chronicling

If you want to Chronicle a tame, you need to enter the options menu of the creature then choose the Chronicle button. To carry out this process, your creature has to be awake and has full health, also, its implant must be in your inventory, and it costs 1 Eery Element. After the Chronicle process is done, you can keep your tame at any revival platform for a fixed cost of 2 Ancient Amber (no matter what level your creature is at)

Eerie Creatures

All passive and aggressive creatures in the Dungeons are Eerie, including the brand new creatures added to the game – the REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED and REDACTED. When you get out of the Dungeons alive with an Eerie Implant in your hands, this means you will be able to resurrect the creature for the later use when you come back to the Island. The Eerie effects of the creatures are also used for breeding.

Eerie Creatures

To give birth to an Eerie baby, his/her parents must be Eerie too. Two Eerie parents are also likely to have a normal baby with a “reverse” mutation. This was already done for the breeders – the ones that want a normal mutation of the new creatures.

You should prepare some strategies and tactics on how to finish your first run through the ARK Mobile Dungeons. It’s up to you to take lots of consumables with you when you get out of the Dungeons, or probably lots of ammunition. You can bring your finest gear or learn it before you make your decision.

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