Ark Survival Evolved Mobile

Are you ready for the mobile version of ARK: Survival Evolved? Now, you will be able to get access to the world of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures on your mobile devices rather than other platforms, like PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. It will be an awesome feeling to explore the wild word on your small device. In addition, ARK Mobile will bring you a lot of wonderful features that add a more exciting element to the game. If you are a big fan of this genre, then grab this chance to explore the ARK world on your mobile devices, namely Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. Let’s take a deeper look at what ARK Mobile is about!

Experiencing a challenging world of dinosaurs in ARK Mobile

As an action-packed survival adventure game, players will undergo numerous challenges in their adventures, and all of their skills will be tested, used as well as upgraded through over time. It’s true to say that surviving in a world full of dinosaurs is such a hard task, but that’s what you have to do once playing ARK Mobile game.

Being dropped on a huge island, you need to learn how to survive in this place. Around you is a wild world, and you have no idea what is waiting for you ahead. As an unarmed survivor, you must move around some places to collect resources, and then make good use of them to generate plenty of items, especially strong tools and weapons for your survival. Don’t forget to build a home which provides you with a better defense.

Fighting for your life is one of the most important missions you must carry out in ARK game. After you have crafted some items, you can employ them to cope with all dangers around you, especially when you venture out into the wild. There are untamed dinosaurs you will bump into in your adventure. To tame them, you need to use some tools or even food to calm them, and then take a chance to domesticate. Once earning a large army of pets, you can ride them all to conquer the whole land. Taming dinosaurs is really fun but it’s also kind of very challenging if you have no strategies and plans to cope with them.


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Besides domesticating wild creatures, you should also focus on building a big tribe for yourself. The tribe usually consists of people, shelters, tamed dinosaurs and plenty of strong structure. As a tribe leader, you can lead your tribe to fight against other enemies for conquering more territories. Make good use of your dinosaurs to beat them all, utilize all crafted items wisely, use your strategies and attempt to bring the victory to your tribe.

There are so many natural hazards that you will go through while exploring this dinosaur world. Therefore, you have to always have your strategies and skills in readiness, so you will be able to cope with the dangers in time, particularly when you come across a wild dinosaur and want to tame it. At the moment, ARK Mobile contains more than 80 unique dinosaurs, together with plenty of primal creatures for taming.

Once you dive into this world, nothing can stop you from conquering the challenges! You can make some excellent teamwork with friendly players and ask them to join your tribe. Your final objective is to build the biggest tribe possible with the strongest army of dinosaurs!

What features are contained in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile?

A challenging world full of dinosaurs

As mentioned above, ARK Mobile features over 80 kinds of dinosaurs and creatures for the players to domesticate. The taming skill of players will be challenged a lot, but this is worthy of a try! You can train your dinosaurs, breed them for further generations and the most awesome thing is you can ride them to discover new places or even fight against other wild creatures.

Exploring the world will never get old

Discovering can be one of the most exciting parts of the game. You already know that how big this dinosaur world is, therefore you need to explore it by reaching many caves, oceans, lands, as well as other plenty of terrains. Since ARK Mobile features gorgeous graphics, you will enjoy many pretty views and scenes around you.

Crafting items and building shelters

With numerous resources you collected, you will start crafting a bunch of items and tools for yourself. They all help you vanquish dangers, especially when you face untamed dinosaurs and want to domesticate them. In addition, you can build many shelters to keep yourself safe from the external risks.

Play as a solitary survivor or work with other friends

You can conquer the world alone yourself if you think you are skilled enough, or team up with others. Working with your friends has its own taste! You can share your thoughts, strategies, skills, tactics with each other, and more importantly, you guys will solve the challenges more easily.

Join a tribe

You can ask other players to engage in your tribe, or you can join theirs if you want. Featuring the Tribe System, you will be able to work with many friends from around the world and together, you guys can create a lot of large tribes. Feel free to share your XP, re-spawn points with each other when in a tribe.

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